face down, hopes up

"God never intended for prayer to be a substitute for work and intelligence."

- Martin Luther King Jr. May 31st, 1964 LA Colosseum. (via armsandabendrot)

i am not a failure.

there, i said it. 

we’ve got to teach people that it’s okay to be themselves…whatever that may entail. 

i’m living for myself. 

as a society, our view of manhood is screwed up.

we have this stigma going around that the male gender has to be a certain image, this imaginary standard that we have to live up in order to be accepted in this world. but why? for what reason? we need to teach our young males that it’s okay to share your feelings, it’s okay to have a personality, it’s okay to be whoever on God’s great green earth that you want to be.

there was a time where i hated myself because i didn’t follow up to these standards. and with the most lightest demeanor and kindest heart, i say fuck them. fuck all of those standards. i shall do anything that makes me feel like a man and have that be my own definition. i define me. 

how do you define yourself? 

What’s best for me may hurt you.

And I don’t want that to happen.

letting myself die so that you can live. (figuratively, of course.) 

laying myself down so you can walk on me. 

letting something die so something else can live. 

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